You can’t make money building websites!

Build as many websites as you want, but if nobody reads them, they aren’t going to make you any money. So, how do you get anyone to read it? Is getting people to read it enough?


How do you make it work?

make money
Yeah right, make money blogging?!

I have always wondered how anyone could make money creating websites or by blogging. In fact, I always laughed about it. “Yeah, right. You’re a professional blogger?! Get a real job!” Now, here I am writing blogs and creating websites and plan to do it for a living. The irony of it all!


What is your life like?

Do you want to make some changes and quit your job?

Make fast money
Wealthy Affiliate

There is this place called Wealthy Affiliate that is like a big online school. I found it when I was doing research to see what is out there to teach me how I could make money if I quit my job. I’d love to quit my job, and work from home! It’s scary though. I’ve never tried to do anything like this before.


So, more about this school.

It’s not really a school, but the founders, Kyle and Carson, provide all these lessons and videos and walk you step by step through building websites, writing posts and pages, and show you how to get traffic (which is how you make the money). I was really afraid I would get into it and find out that it was all a big scam.


Level 2
I made it this far!

I am so glad I tried it. It’s not a scam. It’s not a “make money quick” scheme either. It’s an honest to goodness way to take lessons and get feedback from others. I have worked my way through the 2 levels of lessons. I’ve created 2 websites and written several blogs. Granted, I need to keep working on my sites and I need to keep blogging, but I’m learning how and loving it!

It’s really easy to follow. Take a look at Wealthy Affiliate. Just click on this and it will take you right to a first step of a free trial membership. You don’t have to make any commitments. It won’t cost you any money. Just look it over and try it out.

Wealthy Affiliate Free Starter Membership.


Make money with websites
Blessings – Tina


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Let me know what you decide!

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