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I was skeptical of this “free” site at first. I checked it out thoroughly as I tried it out. I was thrilled to find out that it isn’t a scam. (Take a look at this  Scam Reviews link) It is a real organization that truly wants to help people earn money.

Due to health issues (check out My Cancer Story page) I needed to find a way to earn an income that doesn’t involve me talking, and where I could work from home.

Teaching an “old dog new tricks”

Now, I am not too quick with learning how things work on the internet or on a computer. I need a lot of guidance, time and practice if I am going to earn money on the internet.  I’m approaching the 1 month date with Wealthy Affiliate. I am so excited. I know it sounds like one of those “canned” statements, but I really can’t put it down. I find myself thinking about it and working on it every chance I get. I’m having a great time.

It’s a challenge, yes! There are many moments that I feel overwhelmed and lost, but I’ve learned that if I sit back and ask a question, I get the help I need right away. There is a whole community of members at Wealthy Affiliate who support each other. Several times I got a boost of encouragement when I was stuck on a project spot. I found a never ending wealth of “cheerleaders” and teachers.

You have to try this out and make a free website of your favorite topic.

I’m totally blown away that I am actually making websites. I never dreamed that I could do it. But, with the guidance and tools they provide at Wealthy Affiliate, I’m doing it!

You can try Wealthy Affiliate out for free! See if it is for you. If you are like me, you’ll be convinced it is!

There’s also a Premium Membership  they offer but you do have to spend some money for it. It’s worth every penney!

Try it for free
Easy to use with a friendly setting

Here’s a link to my profile. Come and visit my profile, take a look around Wealthy Affiliate and then share your thoughts with me. Blessings to you.


Try it for free
Come visit my profile at Wealthy Affiliate


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