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Nature’s Remedy for Stress


In some of my other posts I’ve written about laughter and music. I wrote about the effects they have on me. My website has many posts about how I am dealing with being a cancer survivor. Here’s my thought for today: Part of surviving cancer is learning to keep living.


Goodness-sakes that sounds way too deep for me! What I’m trying to say is that as a survivor we can’t always focus on side effects, or the fear of cancer returning, or how our lives are changed because of cancer. We just need to live.

It’s a hard thing for me way too often. I get very selfish and have pity on myself for all of the changes in my life due to cancer. I need to have good long talks with myself. I’m sure people would get a big laugh out of my conversations! I have to admit, sometimes it doesn’t work and the pity party continues. That is one reason for my website. I want to pass on some of the things I have learned. Maybe it will help me as I write, and maybe it will help you as you read.


Everyone has stress in our lives. Dealing with cancer is a huge stress all by itself, them you add in all of the rest of life, and the side effects of the cancer treatments. We all look for ways to relieve our stress.


I love rain. I love the soft gentle rain. I love the big thunder storms with the lightening that cracks in the sky. I love the thunder that booms or rolls in the distance. When I was little I lived out in the country. Many times, especially at night, I would sit outside under some protective tree limb or on our back step with an umbrella, anything I could find to keep my somewhat dry as I sat there watching and listening.

There was such beauty in the enveloping darkness. It wasn’t spooky or depressing. It was contentment! The sounds the rain made were so relaxing. I’d close my eyes and let it surround me.

The lightning and thunder were fascinating and yet relaxing to me. Even when I had to go inside I would lie in my bed with my window open and listen until I fell asleep.

All Grown Up

Many years later, I still love the rain. I still have the deep desire to go outside, sit, watch and listen. When I do escape into the rain it has that same relaxing effect. I have moments of freedom. I let go of my cares and once again allow the rain to take over. You should try it sometime if you haven’t already!

Sounds of Nature

I found a website that plays different sounds of nature called  http://en.ecosounds.net/rain/

I turned it on and played the “rain” section.  It was wonderful. I found myself closing my eyes every now and then and smiled as it calmed me and brought back the memories of my childhood. I love the quote I found there:

“The earth has music for those who listen.” ― George Santayana

Listening to the sounds is great, but there is something totally different about being outside in it. It’s like  huge enveloping blanket that soothes me through and through.

I know, it sounds kind of corny, but seriously give it a try sometime.  Let me know what you find out. Or if you already do it,  tell me about that too. Enjoy life. Enjoy living.


Blessings to all – Tina

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