Cancer is a terrible and scary disease. As are many others. I don’t want to downplay any diseases, but my personal experience is with cancer.

I had cancer in my mouth that spread into the squamous cell lining and then into the lymph nodes down into my neck and shoulders.

Surviving it is something I get to celebrate daily! There have been, and still are many challenges. I hope my website can help you in some ways. Thank you for joining me. Take a look at all of my pages and posts, especially my tribute to nurses and doctors at my Wonderful Doctors and Nurses post.


In my website, I’ve included my personal stories, articles I’ve found, links to helpful websites, various things that you will find helpful if you have, or had cancer in the mouth or throat area.

Some of topics are:  early signs and symptoms, the road to getting the diagnosis, the appointments, treatments,  hospital stays, getting support, the emotional roller-coaster involved, side effects years after the cancer treatments, how the side effects affect earning an income, and how to make money despite the side effects of cancer.


Blessings to all – Tina

Make sure you look at the other pages on this website to see more of what you can do, and for some support in your struggles.

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