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After cancer, I needed a way to make money. I also needed to find online work that wasn’t a scam.

When my youngest child was born I discovered I had cancer. That was MANY years ago. The cancer originated in scar tissue from getting my tonsils out when I was a child. I was treated with full radiation and chemo. The treatments took care of the cancer, but I do suffer physical side-effects. The side-effects include loss of my ability to swallow and also loss of my voice. Both are permanent.

Online work

I love to read, draw, spend time with my family and pets. Yes, I can make money building on these interests! I just needed to learn how. So, I jumped in and started the training at Wealthy Affiliate to do online work.

WOW! I am learning so much and loving it! I want to share a blog I posted just this week:

I have a new burst of the stubborn side of me that is saying, “I can do this!”, even though it is way out of my comfort zone. So I thought I’d pass on my energy burst and hope it helps someone else.

Boot camp

I’ve upgraded and taking boot camp and learning new stuff every day. I especially learned that I need to broaden my thinking. I need to work on promoting WA more. It’s a great affiliation to belong to! I am going to make this work! I am going to turn this into my profitable business. The lessons are so well stated. The information is right there. And there is always help.

If any of you other “newbies” are feeling a bit overwhelmed or lost, like I’ve felt sometimes, just hang in there. Take the lessons one at a time. Don’t get too sucked in to the excitement of making the money right now. Build the foundation. Hang in there. We’re in this together!

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