Make Me Laugh


It’s time to start looking at things to laugh about.

I thought I’d start looking for different quotes or stories that might give us all a chuckle for the day. I’d love it if my readers would send some of your favorite funny quotes or stories so that I can share them too.


“Make me laugh!”

Make me laugh

When I was diagnosed with cancer, my husband and I decided to always find something to laugh about in the days ahead. It was the only way we could think of to stay sane. Things were just happening too quickly and we were both brain dead.

We said our prayers. We talked to our family and our pastors. We talked to our friends. We sat down and cried. Then it was time to move on. Things were getting too depressing. We needed to find things to laugh about.

We agreed that no matter what, my husband was going to keep me laughing, and as much as I could, I would keep him laughing. Some days it was pretty pathetic because the things we laughed at were the number of interns who came rushing to see the scope pictures of my tumor and affected areas. You see, I was considered one of those “unique cases” that should not be happening. We told the doctors that we wanted to be helpful in every way possible, so if they wanted to use me as a learning tool, then please do. Thus, lots of interested interns.

Say what?

Some days our humor came over us trying to pronounce the name of my cancer.  Or the goofy conversations my husband got to have with me while I was under the influence of my pain meds. Sometimes we laughed as the two of us talked about the most recent visit with a doctor or specialist and us trying to make “heads or tails” of what the doctor had indeed said.  Doctors mean well, and really have the patient’s best interest in mind, but they can speak a language that is impossible to interpret without a translator (in our case it was the doctor’s nurse!)

“Oh, pardon me!”

One day we got a big laugh when I was in the hospital and quite weak. My husband came up on the bed and laid beside me. There was no physical way that there would be any type of “making out”. It was more the opportunity for my husband to be closer to me than sitting in the chair next to my bed. (And maybe a chance for him to stretch out and snooze too.) The nurse walked in, immediately blushed, and said she’d leave us to our “private time”.  We felt bad that we had made the poor nurse uncomfortable, but when you are trying to find humor in the days, it gave us a reason to laugh.

I’ve always believed, and always will believe, that humor is essential in staying healthy of body, mind and spirit. Laugh! Most especially at yourself. It’s ok to see the comedy in our own lives.

My children love to pick on me about me losing things. Every time I ask where my glasses are or if they’ve seen my cell phone, they give me the old rolling eyes, and shout out to each other “Mom’s lost them again!”

It’s OK. We all get a laugh out of it.  I laugh at them too. It’s my privilege as their mom! I think my husband catches even more grief from them than I do. That’s OK too. He has broad shoulders. He can take it!

Put the humor out there!

So, go about your day and find things to laugh about. Write some of them down so that you can keep laughing at them on other days. Put them up around the house, like on the back side of your bedroom or bathroom door.


Every day look in the mirror and say “Make me laugh!”


Make me laugh
Blessings to all – Tina

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6 thoughts on “Make Me Laugh”

  1. They say laughter is the best medicine – Its so true. Our immune system takes a toll when we are stressed, depressed or unhappy. Laughter destroys those things and instantly lightens up your mood and allows you to connect with other humans. Its a extremely interesting thing us humans do.

    1. It definitely feels good to laugh. You sound like you have some knowledge in the medical records health field. Do you know any statistics about how much difference laughter can make in our immune systems?

  2. Your story hit home with me and made me think about my own situation. A lovely read and I am pleased that you decided to look for the funny things in life to keep going. A great spirit.

  3. It’s great that you can find humor at the most trying of times. My wife had cancer three times and beat it. I think that is a great idea to follow if you are in a medically fragile situation. Laughter is good for the soul.

    1. Sometimes it wasn’t easy, but I think it’s good to keep a good sense of humor in bad times and in good times. I’m thrilled for your wife. You must be an incredible support to her. You deserve your weight in gold!

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