Income From Home

Income from home is possible! You can make it your job! You can make money!

I have side effects from my nasopharyngeal cancer treatments even now, over 17 years later that restrict what I can and cannot do.

But I still need to earn an income. I’m writing this hoping that it will help others who have similar roadblocks with their income.

Do you want to learn how to earn an income from home?

I have some answers for you with Wealthy Affiliate University.

Please read on. I was skeptical at first, but I’m not any more. It’s not a make money fast scam. It’s a real and supportive Affiliate program.


Income from home

I have been trying for several years to find a way to earn income from home. Let me say that I have NEVER been a “salesperson”. I am too shy to go out and do marketing and try to coax people into buying some product. I also hold my Christian values very high in the actions of my life, so I don’t want to scam anyone.

Whatever I do, I want to do it through good hard work, honesty, commitment, and I want to enjoy what I am doing. I want to be proud of what I do.


How I can help you earn that income from home


Through what I have learned…

I have searched through tons of reviews and posts. I got involved in a couple that turned out to be scams.

Then I did more research and included looking  at the Better Business Bureau  site for on-line companies. All clear – no reports against them.

There are so many false companies. There are so many ways to make a “fast dollar”.


Wealthy Affiliate has earned my trust

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I was very cautious as I ventured out and tried a new possibility. It was called Wealthy Affiliate

Click here: Wealthy Affiliate.

I saw a lot of very good posts about it. It had good reports from BBB.

I found a free trial period, so strings attached, so I gave it a try.

Within my first hours I saw things that really sparked my interest. It wasn’t a “make money fast” scheme. I found an honest to goodness learning opportunity.

I am going to learn more new skills that I will use to earn my own income with my own hard work.

Read through more of my website to learn more about my journey to find income despite side effects of cancer.
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Blessings to all - Tina
Blessings to all – Tina

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