Healing and Happiness

Healing and Happiness. Both are so important when you have cancer.


Friends and family are your biggest support when you need help. Don’t ever take them for granted. In fact, take every opportunity to do even the little things for them. You’ll find healing and happiness when you put others first. Make them happy and you will also be happy.  It’s amazing how that works!

God brought my friends and family to take care of me

I was a mother of 3 young children. My husband and I both worked  to support us. Then came cancer and all of the appointments and treatments. During this time my family, church family, and all of my friends literally took over for me.

When I needed to go to treatments  an hour away every day and was too tired to drive myself, my church family supplied rides. When I was totally unable to care for my children my family and friends came to my house and cared for my 3 little ones as well as my daily housework.

My husband helped me bathe and he also did my tube feedings for me.  During my hospital stays, my 7 year old daughter learned to escort all of my visitors around the complex hospital sections.  My 2 year old son was practically adopted by so many different people who took him to their homes, or to the park, or for walks in a little wagon. My infant son was cared for by the women of our church who came daily to our house. My mother-in-law came from half way across the country and lived with us for 3 months.

It was a lesson in being humble

God supplied for us through each and every one of them. I learned a huge lesson in humbling myself and accepting help from others as I had no strength to care for my family or even for myself. I learned the strength of the support of those who loved me.

It is now 17 years later. I have been free of cancer and living a full life. My daughter is 24 now and my sons are 19 and 17. Wow! I’ve been here to watch them grow. I was granted the privilege of being a mom and a wife again. Every day now I say prayers of thanks to God for each of my family, friends, and for my church.

To all of the amazing people in my life

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone. I couldn’t have made it without you!

To cancer patients

And then to anyone out there who is currently going through cancer treatments or has been through cancer treatments and is facing the side effects: Hang in there!

Healing and Happiness

Allow yourself to be taken care of for a time.  It’s kind of embarrassing and even humiliating, but when you pull through then it’s your turn. Take every opportunity you have to help others. Be the support for someone else. You now have the ability to understand what they are going through and you can help. It’s a great feeling!

Be strong. Help others. Life a full life.
Healing and Happiness
Blessings to all – Tina

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9 thoughts on “Healing and Happiness”

  1. Hi Tina
    This is such an inspiring post. It will show people that we are all in this together and that there is nothing wrong with allowing others to care for us. You are now there for them!
    Now you can grow an online income and show that this is possible, too. Where there is a will, there is a way, and you have already demonstrated that.

    1. Thanks Katy. It is so good to have people to depend on. I never would have made it without them. I am going to find ways to help others. I hope this will be one!


    2. Thank you! I’m not so sure I will generate much income, but I sure do hope I may at least be helpful to someone. I want anyone suffering from and disease or disability to know you are not alone.


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