Encouragement for today

Encouragement for today is found in music. I love music. I wrote a post a while back about Gospel music. (I’ll include the link at the bottom of this post so you can check it out too.) I’ve listened to Southern Gospel Quartets since I was a kid. I still like it. I play it for my children too. Anyway, a couple of my Gospel music favorites…

“I Bowed On My Knees and Cried, ‘Holy!'”

There’s a song called “I Bowed On My Knees and Cried, ‘Holy!'”, by Nuttie Dudley Washington. I grew up listening to The Blackwood Brothers Quartet singing it. Now other Gospel singers have recorded it too, but I still love it the way I learned it so many years ago. I’ve been thinking about that song a lot lately.  In the song, Ms. Dudley describes a dream where she arrives in heaven and is met by angels. She steps through heaven’s gates and wants to see Jesus.  She kneels and cries, “Holy,  to the Son of God”.

Encouragement for today

When I stop what I’m doing and literally get on my knees and even silently cry “Holy!” I always get a response.  God is just waiting there to hear my cry. It’s never that He has left me. It’s always that I stop listening for Him.  I don’t  have to say much. That one simple word, “Holy!” is enough. I can just kneel and quietly wait.

A little explanation

If you visit more of my website you will see that I am a cancer survivor. I no longer have a voice and I can longer swallow, both because of cancer. Having no voice keeps me from singing, but it doesn’t keep me from enjoying music! In fact now I appreciate beauty of the music and the meaning in the lyrics even more than I used to.

They say “attitude is everything”. I’m beginning to really understand that saying.  Do you ever need that extra kick in the pants to get out of the gloomy mood? I know I have. Especially on those days when my voice doesn’t work and food looks and smells really good.

Something I have found to be extremely helpful is to look to God.

“Joy Comes in the Morning”

There is another song called, “Joy Comes in the Morning” by William J. and Gloria Gaither. My favorite words are in the chorus, “Hold on my child. Joy comes in the morning. Weeping only lasts for the night. Hold on my child. Joy comes in the morning. The darkest hour means dawn is just in sight.”

That is so true in life. I always feel the worst about my trouble at night. The house is quiet. The children are in bed. I’m lying in bed, trying to sleep, but instead my mind keeps churning through all of those bills, or the health problems, or so many other things that can seem insurmountable.  My stomach is in knots as I worry. It can last all night.

Quiet time with God

I have discovered that I often have to make myself stop trying to solve the problems and focus on God during that quiet time. My mind tries to race through what I need to be doing, or how to solve the “problem of the day”. I have to work at stopping it. How many times have I been told that “worrying isn’t going to solve a thing”?  It is true, though. Give it to God. He can handle it so much better than us! That is the true encouragement for today!

If you have a moment, listen to these songs:

I Bowed on My Knees and Cried, Holy

Joy Comes in the Morning

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