Emotions Chart

An emotions chart may seem like a silly thing for an adult, but you know, I’ve learned that sometimes the simple and silly things can be the most helpful.  I’m going to walk through some of this, so stay with me.

Emotions Chart

Emotions Chart
Emotions Chart

I just posted about the anxiety and depression someone can feel even years after their cancer treatments. Depression After Oral Cancer Treatment. Depression and anxiety can be scary things. Where are you today?

Look at the Emotions Chart

Emotions Chart

Look For The Silver Lining

Some days you just have to look for the silver lining and find something to laugh about. Today it’s this quote from a book someone gave to me a few years ago. If you are over 40 you may get at least a chuckle out of it:

“You Know You’re Over 40 When… you can no longer help the kids with their homework. On the parts you help with, they get “C-“”.  from “You Know You’re Over 40 When…” by Herbert I. Kavet

You Know You're Over 40 When...

Emotions Chart check:

Emotions Chart

Sad Times Happen

I had another one of those episodes this weekend, but I don’t like to have posts that are “downers, so I’ll keep this short and then we’ll get on to more fun! (You can skip down to the “Happier Times” if you wish!)

I was listening to my family discuss a  mission adventure they had just done together. They talked about the exuberant singing.  They talked about getting to know the people they went to help, and about learning to speak some of their language. And of course they talked about the food.

It was really fun to listen to. But then my mind started wandering and thinking what I would have been like going with them. I wouldn’t be able to join their singing, eat their food, or even speak their language because it took a lot of “guttural” vocalizations, which I cannot do at all.  My Cancer Story

It made me sad. That’s OK as long as I don’t stay there. So…

I Checked my Emotions Chart:

Emotions Chart

Happier Times!

Another quip from “You Know You’re Over 40 When…”

“You know you’re over 40 when…your kids are bigger than you and you start saying things to them like, “When I was your age…”, that you hated when your father/mother said them to you” from “You Know You’re Over 40 When…” by Herbert I. Kavet

It’s OK to laugh. Even if it is one of the oldest quotes around. Laughter is truly the best medicine! During my cancer treatments my husband and I decided we were going to find things to keep us laughing every day. One day we got biggest laugh out of trying to say the name of my cancer – and to spell it.  Today I try to laugh, and to help others laugh, many times each day. It’s a great feeling.

 I checked my Emotions Chart again:

Emotions Chart

Now we’re on a roll!

I want to help people like me. Those of us who have trouble with side effects from cancer treatments. This website is my way of doing that.

Do I dare another quote?

“You know you’re over 40 when….you participate in a ball game on Sunday and hurt until Wednesday” from “You Know You’re Over 40 When…” by Herbert I. Kavet

I watched a movie last night about a young woman who lost her hearing when she was a child. Her father died in an accident and her mother became very controlling of her daughter. She kept her daughter from learning skills that would allow her to succeed on her own. Now you are probably asking, “Where is she going with this?”

I want to succeed!

I want to help others succeed as well. Here’s how I am going to succeed. I’m going to make money by working without having to use my voice. I’m going to work on-line by building websites.

Sorry, here’s another one of my stories (you can skip it too if you want. Just scroll down to the “Making Money” section.)

I received a phone call this morning. It was like so many others. I answered the phone in the best, loudest whisper I could manage but the person calling me could not hear me.

Most of the time this results in people hanging up on me only to try again. Fortunately this time the caller could at least tell that I was there and we were able to communicate that we would refer to e-mail.

I have a couple of speaking devices that I will tell you about also, but right now I want to talk about how this affects me earning money.

In my current job I supervise about 35 staff members. They are great people, but many times I do need to communicate with them. I also work with many other managers in the organization.

It gets very frustrating! Nothing I do conveys what I truly want to say in conversations. I want very badly to be able to earn a steady income without daily wishing I had my voice for my job.

That’s why I am so grateful to Wealthy Affiliate! It is all done on the computer. No voice needed! Read my first review of WA here: Wealthy AffiliateI found Wealthy affiliate in one of my desperate searches for another way to make money. I was reading a report of another on-line scam and saw some suggestions for trustworthy websites to check out.

I checked them chose Wealthy Affiliate. That was only 2 months ago but I have not regretted it once! Wealthy Affiliate is helping me learn that freedom  of working without speaking. I love it.


Read my first review of WA here: Wealthy Affiliate


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Blessings to all - Tina
Blessings to all – Tina



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