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Comments welcome here.

I really enjoy working on this website. Who knows what paths I may take as it grows. Maybe I’m dreaming big, but I’d love to make it interactive.

I’m still learning this art, so be patient with me.  If you see something in one of my pages or posts that needs fixing, please let me know that too.

My experience is with oral or throat cancer side effects, but everyone who has combated cancer is welcome! I’ve always felt rather lonely in my journey through losing my ability to speak and eat. I hope that anyone who has similar problems can find some kind of support in this website.

Comments may include:

  • Insight about how you make money despite side effects of cancer
  • Feedback about your website adventures with Wealthy Affiliate, should you choose to give it a try. (You can click here to read about how Wealthy Affiliate came into this)
  • A topic you might want me to find more about. I may not have a lot of information at  the time, but I’d try to look for some!
  • Your cancer story, struggles, successes
  • How cancer or cancer treatments have affected life after cancer
  • On-line experience in making money
  • On-line scams that you have run into

Comments may NOT include:

  • Anything that is vulgar or offensive
  • Swearing
  • Don’t include people’s names of other private information

I want this to be a positive experience for everyone, so keep it friendly. I’ll try to respond if you post questions. Others will also be invited to respond if they know the answers or have suggestions.

Spread the word about this site. Here’s the link in case you want to pass it on. Tina’s After Cancer Website


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To All Who Have Survived Cancer!

If you would like to visit another website of mine am working on one about drawing. Drawing is one of my personal hobbies. I posted a few things I’ve drawn too.

Click on the following link to see it: Tina’s fun drawing website

Thank you for visiting my website! I’ll look forward to hearing from you.

Blessings - Tina
Blessings – Tina

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