Depression After Oral Cancer Treatment

Depression after oral cancer treatment

Good Days and Bad Days

After your cancer treatments, have you ever had those bad days when you wonder “WHY?”! Or when you feel that you’ve had enough?  Those days when you just want to feel sorry for yourself!

I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve had more than my share of the bad days. I’ve had days when I’ve been a full blown UGLY person. I am so grateful for my family, friends, and for my God. All of them have stayed with me through thick and thin.

Hopefully there are also those days of “I’m OK” and you see everything that you do have, not just what you don’t have.

Depression after oral cancer treatment

Suffering from anxiety or even depression after oral cancer treatment, after cancer treatments of any kind, is normal. I found a great article from the staff at Mayo Clinic: Mayo Clinic 

Among other things, the article says to allow yourself the time to grieve your losses from cancer.  But also to learn to focus on how you have become a stronger person through the battle and survival. See the amazing person you have become.

oral cancer treatment
From the New York Times article

If you are interested in reading about a study of anxiety over a long term, especially in couples, I found an article from the New York Times: New York Times Article

 A little more about my journey

All through my youth and college years I loved music. I was in every choir I could get into. I sang at church in the choir and as a soloist or with my cousin. I knew I wanted vocal music to be part of my life, my career.

I earned a degree in Vocal Music Education and went on to teach music and choir at local schools. I directed the children’s choir at my church and I sang in the adult church choir as well as the college/community choir.

Then came cancer. (Read more about my cancer story)

Radiation and chemo therapy treatments were successful. They killed the cancer. Unfortunately they also killed many other parts of my throat and neck.

My voice and my eating ability are now gone. I’ve been through some very discouraged and selfish times. I’ve been pretty spiteful to my family when they enjoyed their meals or when they sang along with the radio.

I still hate going to group events where people want to try to talk to me and I can’t be heard when I try to talk back. I hate sitting at meals watching and smelling the food pass by and hearing everyone chew. (It’s amazing how noisy people can be when they chew their food!)

How to adjust to those emotions after oral cancer treatment

I am in no way a doctor, psychiatrist, or counselor.

oral cancer treatment
To All Who Have Survived Cancer!

I am a cancer survivor.

I’ve suffered from the depression after oral cancer treatment.

I do understand.


Here are some links I found that might help you too.



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