What is Success in Life

What is success in life? We all want success.  We want to make money. But we really like it when we make more money than others. I’m not sure why that makes us feel so good, but it does. It’s kind of an ego thing. You know, “I make more than you” may mean “I’m more important than you”.

But is happiness and success in our income?

After working since I was a junior in high school, I am in a good solid job. I’m a manager/supervisor in a company that I respect and am proud to work for. I have a great time with my co-workers and there are parts of my job that are very enjoyable. Of course, there are those parts that I’d rather not have to do and I’ve lost sleep over, but hey, that’s how it goes sometimes. I work a minimum of 40hrs per week at my job and consider myself making decent money.

Until I compare, that is.

Comparing is a very dangerous thing. Somehow my income doesn’t look so good when I start looking around at what others make, or when I look at my monthly bills. Sound familiar? Is anyone else in that same boat?

How many of us have children who make more than us? As a parent I want my children to make more with their careers than I make with mine. I want them to succeed.

What is Success in Life?

Is it really the money that makes us successful? No. It definitely is not.

What is success in life
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It is much more important to be happy in our lives. To worship God, have the love of family and friends, and our dear pets, to enjoy the beauty around us.




What is success

Now, I’m not knocking making good money. I am striving to increase my income too. In fact, I’m hoping to make my affiliate work do that for me.


I just want to remind myself, and everyone else, that life is more than money. As you work to make more money, don’t let it overcome you.

Take a step back

Look around you and be blessed by what you see. No matter what your circumstances are, there is beauty to see in this world. My wish is that you may you see that beauty and enjoy real success.

Blessings to all – Tina


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What is success in life
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What is success in life
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